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Here you will find helpful information for steps in creating a new business, the forms that need to be filed, permits that will be required and the approval process.Use the buttons above to navigate to different subjects.

A service the Planning department would be able to provide someone wanting to start a business is conduct a pre-development conference. This would still largely be geared toward the physical structure, platting, zoning, traffic, stormwater, fire regulations and utilities. It would be for new construction or if it involves some heavy remodeling/additions. A meeting is held with the developers/owners and staff to discuss the project and if the project is in line with City regulations.

On a smaller scale, Planning staff would also be able to meet with a prospective new business to see of their proposed use is allowed in a particular zoning district outright or if a Specific Use Permit is needed. If neither is suitable for their proposed use, staff would discuss if a rezoning of that location is feasible and not contrary to neighboring uses.  During this discussion it would also be determined if their development requires a Site Plan Approval.

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