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Odessa Police Department employees and Chaplains Program volunteers

Police Chaplain Program

The Volunteer Police Chaplain Program was created in 1986 to serve the citizens of Odessa and the officers and employees of the Odessa Police Department. The Police Chaplain Program is staffed by volunteer chaplains from various church denominations. These chaplains provide a valuable and much-appreciated service to public safety officials, families in need, and the community at large.

Volunteer chaplains receive training in police regulations and procedures to increase their understanding of the role of police in society. They are available to provide specialized counseling to citizens, officers, and their families upon request. There are chaplains on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who Are We?

The Volunteer Police Chaplain Program was created by Chief Alan Stewart in 1986, with the appointment of the late Pastor George Golden of the First Church of God as the Odessa Police Department’s first police chaplain. Under Pastor Jerry Thorpe, formerly of Temple Baptist Church, the program began expanding beginning in 1993, and now is among the largest police chaplain programs in Texas and the nation. 

The Police Chaplain program is currently under the direction of Lieutenant Kevin Chance and is staffed by volunteer chaplains from various church denominations. These chaplains serve the Odessa Police Department, Ector County Sheriff's Office, ECISD Police, and Odessa Fire Departments, other public safety organizations as well as the citizens of the community. 

What We Do

The chaplain program of the Odessa Police Department exists to support the officers and staff as they fulfill their mission. These local ministers are able to provide counseling and also assist officers in notifying families of the death or serious injuries suffered by a loved one. In such cases, they are available to stay with the family until church or family support arrives. They are also available to call out for critical need incidents such as barricaded subjects, civil disasters and other traumatic occurrences. They provide what some call a “Ministry of Presence” bringing peace and comfort, wherever they can, to citizens of Odessa. 


The International Conference of Police Chaplains is an organization founded in 1937 to provide support for police chaplains who serve law enforcement communities. Each year, the Conference provides both annual and regional training seminars for beginning and experienced law enforcement chaplains. OPD sends one of its chaplains to the ICPC Annual Training Seminar each year. All of the classes required for basic training are offered at this seminar. The levels of credentialing are basic, senior, and master. OPD Chaplains have experience varying from one to 15 years in law enforcement chaplaincy. The chaplain program is open to all full-time or retired ministers. If you wish, you may call Lieutenant Kevin Chance and make an appointment to discuss becoming a chaplain.  Twelve classes are required by ICPC for basic certification. The chaplaincy certifications are offered online.

Contact Us

If you are a minister interested in applying to be a part of the Odessa Police Department Chaplain Program, fill out the application HERE. For any questions, you can email Lieutenant Kevin Chance at kchance@odessa-tx.gov. 

Following the application, you will also be required to complete and pass a background check, complete an interview with the Chief of Police or his designee, and complete a four-hour orientation class before being accepted into the program.