Information Technology


The Information Technology (IT) Department is a 20-member general technology services group that provides computer, software, and network support for all City departments. We assist with basic radio and telephone support, as well as practice project management methodologies for all technology based projects to assist our customers with well managed and successful technology implementations.

Customer Service & Support

The IT staff is committed to the very best in customer service. We utilize a tiered approach to support. All work orders are visited by the customer support team for a diagnostic and potential resolution which provides the basis for 75% of all work order requests. If the customer support team is unable to resolve the issue in a relatively short time, the work order is then escalated to either the Tier 2, software systems team or Tier 3, Infrastructure team for further analysis and resolution. We have a training specialist on staff to help provide general technology training to city employees on a wide range of technology topics.

The largest number of IT staff work on the customer support team serving 23 departments (including Fire/Rescue and Police, over 700 computers and 120 field computers. The Software Systems team supports over 40 public safety and general government applications, while the specialist HTE team supports our legacy HTE integrated business software and IBM AS400 foundation of equipment. The infrastructure team supports:

  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Oversight over the general health of the core network foundation
  • Security
  • System administration of all servers and backups
  • VMWare
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Wireless

A primary issue facing Information Technology is maintaining the appropriate staff level and staff skills necessary to support the growing needs of City departments, while also providing a consistent and viable network utility service. City departments are beginning to provide public services using the Internet and mobile technology. The IT Department is expanding computer and communications capabilities in support of this evolving need. City departments are becoming more computerized and dependent on technology, and the capability of Information Technology must be aligned with the over all business mission of our departments in order for us to maintain a successful partnership.