Attention: The Odessa Fire Marshal's Office is adopting the 2021 edition of the International Fire Code. The code goes into effect on January 1, 2023. Several services that were no cost will not have new fees associated with them. See the new IFC Fee Schedule.

The Odessa Fire Marshal's Office currently utilizes the 2012 edition of the International Fire Code with adopted Appendices. The only amendment to the code requires the management of multifamily dwellings to inspect and test smoke detectors in each unit twice per year. They are also required to maintain records of installation, inspection, and testing.

The Fire Marshal's office conducts approximately 3,000 inspections, consisting of routine/annual inspections, construction projects, fire protection systems and other miscellaneous inspections throughout the year. Call 432-257-0502 with questions regarding fire inspections or fire inspection requests.

Commercial Inspections

All members of the Fire Marshal's Office are certified in the State of Texas as Fire Inspectors. We perform a variety of commercial inspections including:

  • Day cares
  • Detention facilities
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Foster homes
  • Kitchen suppression systems
  • Medical facilities
  • New businesses for Certificate of Occupancy
  • Remodel or commercial properties
  • Routine inspections
  • Schools
  • Various other inspections or reviews

Permit Applications

The Odessa Fire Marshal's office reviews permit applications and plans, other than single family dwellings or duplexes, but the City of Odessa Building Official's office is responsible for all permit applications. The Building Official's Office is located at City Hall, 411 W 8th and can be reached by calling 432-335-3215.