Purchasing Methods

Purchase Amount

  • Purchases of $1,000 or less may be made by the Purchasing Department on the basis of one (1) quotation or by using a procurement card.
  • Purchases of $1,001 to $49,999 are made by the Purchasing Department on the basis of sufficient quotations to ensure competitive pricing. (Consideration is given to Historically Underutilized Businesses for purchases between $3,000 and $49,999 as required by State Law.)
  • Purchases of $50,000 or more are made in accordance with competitive bid requirements as defined by State Law.

Supply Contracts

Supply contracts are established through competitive bidding to purchase goods and or services at a fixed price structure for a specific time frame.

Service / Maintenance Agreements

Service/maintenance agreements are established to provide for continuing service or maintenance of purchased equipment or systems. These are generally established at the end of a warranty period and they are administered on an annual basis.

Contact Us

If you require additional information, or if you wish to be included on our approved bidder list, please feel free to contact the Purchasing Department at 432-335-3253 or register as a vendor.