Street Light Outages & Requests

Street Light Outages

Please report street light outages and/or repairs directly to Oncor by calling 888-313-4747 or online at the Oncor Report a Street Light Issue website.

Street Light Policy

Street lights will not be installed in alleys or circumstances do not always allow for the installation at desired location in streets.

Request Process

  1. Upon a request for an additional street light installation, the Engineering Division will survey the area to find existing street lights and determine if a new location would be possible under the City's "Standards and Requirements for Street, Alley, Water, Sewer and Drainage Improvements."
  2. If a light is not possible, the requesting individual will be notified by letter. If there is room for an additional light, Oncor will be requested by letter to install the street light.
  3. Oncor will make an on-site inspection to determine an acceptable location, including easement, where the light can be installed at no cost to the City.
  4. Oncor will contact the four residents directly affected by the light for their approval or objections.
  5. If any of the directly affected residents object to the installation, Oncor will notify the Engineering Division of the identified site and the resident responses.
  6. The Engineering Division will then determine the names and addresses of the owners of property that lie within 200 feet of the proposed location. This list will be furnished to the original requestor.
  7. The original requestor will poll the list of property owners and attempt to obtain approval signatures of 75% of the owners on the list. When this petition of 75% approval is returned to the City, the City will instruct Oncor to install the light at the designated location.
  8. In determining the number of lots affected, the lots shown on the plat for the subdivision will be used and whether a lot is occupied or not will not affect the total lot count. The City shall verify that the signature is that of the owner of the property, based on tax rolls.
  9. If the original requestor is unable to obtain an approval rating of 75% or greater, the City will request Oncor to identify an alternate location that would also meet the City's requirements for a no cost installation. The process would then begin at Step 3 of this procedure.