Billing & Collection

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Billing and Collection

Billing and Collection (B&C) provides service for water, sewer and refuse to the City of Odessa and its citizens. They also handle the billing for all sectors of the City, which in part includes Beverages, Ambulance and Miscellaneous Receivable.


The mission of Billing and Collection is to continually provide outstanding service to the citizens and City of Odessa through timely and accurate billing and collection of utility, ambulance, license and permit and miscellaneous accounts receivable transactions. To partner with the citizens of Odessa in meeting their information and service needs in relation to the variety of services provided.

Important Notice

Billing and Collections suspended service interruptions of water during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many customer's with unpaid balances, and B&C is asking customers call to arrange payment plans, request extensions, etc. by October 12. Service interruptions will begin on October 19, for any customer that has not reached out to B&C. We ask anyone with a high balance to call today: 432-335-3204.

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